How it works

A homemade lunch every day without any worries! Lunch van huis delivers a great lunch every day for the office or somewhere else. How do we do it?

  1. We prepare the lunch in our own kitchen. From jam to sprinkles to baking bread.
  2. We deliver our buffet boxes for lunch, including plates, glasses and cutlery if needed. That way everything is ready before you all sit down.
  3. After lunch we pick up the buffet boxes.

All the Lunch van huis benefits in a row

  • Affordable and simple
  • Handmade and homemade
  • Monthly subscriptions
  • From 20 people up to 150 people
  • No restaurant investment or kitchen needed
  • Flexible
  • Try it for a week!

From € 3.75 per person and € 7.00 per person for a warm lunch including:

  • Fresh ingredients for a varied lunch
  • Flexible order quantities


  • € 15 delivery costs (delivery and collection service)
  • Any extras

Order Lunch van huis in two simple steps:

  1. Tell us how many people for
  2. Determine the frequency (Monday to Sunday)

Price and assortment

Our buffet boxes are specially designed for us and unique. The buffet boxes are put together in advance and then put on the buffet. The buffet boxes are insulated to stay cool as long as possible.

There are 5 standard buffet boxes:

Buffet box of bread and butter
Buffet box spreads, yogurt and confectionery
Buffet box of cheese and cold cuts
Buffet box salad bar
Buffet box drinks

Larger or smaller buffet boxes are used depending on the number of lunch users.

In addition to the standard Buffet boxes, Lunch from home can be expanded with extras such as:

  • Snacks
  • Soups
  • Sandwiches
  • Coffee
  • Fruit
  • Warm meals
  • Desserts
  • Breakfast

A varied hot lunch for the office from 15 to 200 people including salad and bread. In addition to our buffet boxes, we also deliver hot and varied lunches. Homemade from our own kitchen and varied options every day!

Read more about the options for a warm lunch at your office