Warm lunch

A varied hot lunch for the office from 15 to 200 people including salad and bread. In addition to our buffet boxes, we also deliver hot and varied lunches. Homemade from our own kitchen and varied options every day!

Hot daily lunch at work

For a daily hot lunch at the office it is important to go for variation and quality. An international working environment requires international cuisine and a lunch that is different every day.

A, B, C solution of Lunch van huis

We prepare 3 different warm meals every day and these change daily. The choice is yours. We send the menu a week in advance. You or your colleagues can choose from A,B,C option.

Product Range

A warm lunch comes standard with bread and salads. Optionally, the warm lunch can be expanded further. Think, for example, of smoothies or a soup, but also of 2 different hot meals.

Vegetarian, vegan and allergens

If a meal is not vegetarian, we always offer and serve a vegetarian alternative. In addition, we also take special account of wishes and / or allergens.



Beetroot salad with fig, cranberry and chickpeas

Mustard and Garlic dressing

Freshly baked bread

Thai shrimp curry with tomato**

Spicy Surinam Roti chicken and egg with green beans**

* Vegetarian
** Comes with a vegetarian alternative


A.Moussaka **

B.Pumpkin couscous with mushrooms *

C.Chicken ragout with dragon **


A.Wraps with meat **

B.Pasta pesto with paprika and broccoli *

C.Spicy Surinam roti chicken and egg with green beans **


A.Homemade Falafel on pita bread *

B.Chili con carne **

C.Ta­ji­ne with dates syrup **


A.Indian Curry with Chickpeas and Pumpkin *

B.Pad Thai **

C.Coq au vin **


A.African Bobotie **

B.Tagliatelle with chicken and mushrooms in cream sauce **

C.Stro­ga­noff wit mashed potatoes **


* Vegetarian

** Comes with a vegetarian alternative

Curious about our warm lunch solution?

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